Brandon Sanderson and I Are Collaborating on a New Series

Big announcement today, folks! Brandon Sanderson, one of the preeminent names in speculative fiction, and I are collaborating on a new urban fantasy series. It's a Dresden Files-esque urban fantasy series set in London, starring a necromancer. The kicker is that the main character is an American heavy metal singer whose day goes from bad to worse as he gets kicked out of his band, then makes his way to his favorite pub to lick his wounds—only to end up getting shot in the head during an apparent robbery. And after that, things start to go really badly for him. Brandon put together a world guide. I made some suggestions here and there. Then he sent along high-level outline. I went to work, ex

Nice Write-up in the Paper for Our Show

Hey Folks! The local paper did a nice write-up on our upcoming staging of The Bell Ringer this weekend. I invite you all to read it! Link here. We're getting close now! Excited and nervous all at once! Hope to see you there! Cheers, Peter

Roger Fisher (of Heart) & I Co-Wrote a Christmas Song

Hey Folks, Cool announcement to share! Roger Fisher, original guitarist for the band Heart, and I have co-written a song. It's likely to become a bonus track at some point. It's entitled, "Hope." Right now it's largely an acoustic guitar and vocal tune. But I hope to write out full orchestration for a second version in the future. One of my guitarists and I will be performing the song at our first show this Saturday at the Historic Everett Theater. This will be the song's debut, as it's never been heard before. Obviously I'm biased, but I really like the way it turned out. Some unique chord progressions, and an interesting turn from a minor progression into something really hope-filled. Was

Symphony North on New Day Northwest - King 5

Hey Folks! So, I mentioned elsewhere that we were featured on King 5's New Day Northwest. Check out the story and video here: All the folks at New Day were great to us! We thank them for the chance to be on their show and talk about Symphony North and The Bell Ringer. Their full story on us here! More to come! Peter

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