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Roger Fisher (of Heart) & I Co-Wrote a Christmas Song

Hey Folks,

Cool announcement to share! Roger Fisher, original guitarist for the band Heart, and I have co-written a song. It's likely to become a bonus track at some point. It's entitled, "Hope." Right now it's largely an acoustic guitar and vocal tune. But I hope to write out full orchestration for a second version in the future.

One of my guitarists and I will be performing the song at our first show this Saturday at the Historic Everett Theater. This will be the song's debut, as it's never been heard before.

Obviously I'm biased, but I really like the way it turned out. Some unique chord progressions, and an interesting turn from a minor progression into something really hope-filled.

Was really fun getting to know Roger and working with him on the song.

Hope to see you out at the show, where we'll be debuting this tune.

Until next time!


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