Our First Magazine Cover

There's an old adage that goes, "Everything happens for a reason." Whether or not that's true all the time, it's certainly would seem to apply in the instance of Symphony North winding up on the cover of ION Indie Magazine. The short story is that ION's editor, Kiki Plesha, responded to our press release on the release of our debut album, The Bell Ringer, offering to include us with a full page ad, particularly as our record is helping to raise money for the Toys for Tots Literacy Program. Then, after she and I spoke, she offered us the cover. A few days later, she carved out time in her busy schedule to personally write a cover story--Kiki is a skilled journalist who dug in and came up with

New Song Featuring Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater

Hey Friends! Wanted to share a new song from our debut album, The Bell Ringer. This one is entitled, "Christmas Wishes," and features none other than Jordan Rudess of the platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated progressive rock/metal band Dream Theater. Jordan went to the Julliard School of Music, and was voted by Music Radar Magazine as the "Best Keyboardist of All Time." Jordan is an extraordinary player, and he and I have been friends for a long time. I had a couple of songs on the album based on classical pieces, e.g. Bach, Vivaldi, and I had the idea of asking Jordan to play on the album and do one of these pieces. But after we got talking, he liked the idea of doing something that gave him

Why 24 Songs on The Bell Ringer? And Product Packaging!

Our debut release, The Bell Ringer, is twenty-four songs. I've been asked by folks why so many, when we might have released two albums in successive years, and potentially made more money by doing so. The answer comes in a few parts. First, when we were anticipating our first live shows, we wondered if ten or twelve songs would be enough. Obviously, most albums are only ten or twelve tunes. And honestly, that's a good number. But the show isn't merely playing Christmas rock tunes. The show means to tell a real story, with a character--our bell ringer--undergoing change and growth. To do that, you need a little more headroom. Also, most show soundtracks--like Broadway, or even full-length con

The Bell Ringer CDs Have Arrived

Friends, after a long journey, The Bell Ringer CDs are finally here. The genesis of this album began the year I graduated high school. Of course, the dream went dormant for a long while. But it reawakened a few years back, and the road from then until now has been an interesting one. So many people to thank that I don't even know where to begin. For now, suffice to say that I'm feeling grateful, humble, and excited for people to hear the music the music. Also, I have a bunch of these to get in the mail to people who pre-ordered. In case you're interested, you can get yours here. And note, if you pick up the physical or digital CD from us here, there are two bonus tracks. We wanted to do some

Tim Hockenberry (former Trans-Siberian Orchestra member) Talks Symphony North

Hey Friends! Last December, at our one-night special-engagement show, we captured some video. Here we have Tim Hockenberry, an amazing man with an amazing voice--America's Got Talent semi-finalist, former member of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, as well as the writer of the hit Christmas song "Christmas by the Bay"--talking about how he came to be involved with Symphony North. Tim nailed two amazing songs on our debut album, The Bell Ringer. Once he and I got talking, and couldn't hear anyone else's voice on those two tracks. So glad he threw in with us on the record and for our first show! Enjoy, and until next time... Peter

Jody Ashworth (former Trans-Siberian Orchestra member) Talks Symphony North

Friends, We're happy to share this video, in which Jody Ashworth, a veteran of stage, television, and bestselling Christmas rock recordings by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, talks about his involvement with the recording of our debut album, The Bell Ringer, as well as our one-night special engagement last December. Jody is a really good guy, and we're happy to have him aboard! Hope you enjoy! Until next time, Peter

Val Vigoda (former Trans-Siberian Orchestra member) Talks Symphony North

Friends, the short story is we're so happy to have Valerie Vigoda as part of Symphony North. Val has done so much: scored for Disney, travels and teaches, does one-woman shows, writes musicals, and of course she has been a part of several chart-topping Trans-Siberian Orchestra tours. Here, she talks about her involvement with Symphony North! Cheers, Peter

"Yes, Fairytales," Sung by Michael Lanning (formerly of Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

Friends, we're proud to release this lyric video for one of the songs on our debut release, The Bell Ringer. This song is entitled, "Yes, Fairytales." It follows a song entitled, "No Fairytales." Together, they make a sort of cynic vs. believer call-and-response relating to Christmas and all the magic that time of year holds. For this song, I wanted a soulful voice, so I called on none other than Michael Lanning, known in some quarters as "the most soulful white man on the planet." Michael has recorded and toured with platinum-selling Christmas rock act Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and has done his share of Broadway, too. Hope you like it! Until next time, Peter

O Come, O Come Emmanuel Video for The Bell Ringer Release Day

In celebration of today's release of The Bell Ringer, our debut album, we're proud to release this video of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel." This track really shows the violin chops of our lead violinist, Valerie Vigoda, who has toured with platinum-selling Christmas rock acts as a lead violinist and concert mistress. The Bell Ringer--a Holiday Rock Opera--is available today most anywhere music streamed or sold. And if you like CDs, we sell them right here on the site. We hope you like it.

Michael Lanning Talks Symphony North

Folks, wanted to share a video the very gracious Michael Lanning recorded for us about his involvement with Symphony North and The Bell Ringer. We couldn't be happier to have Michael on the record. In our minds, he absolutely proved again that he is, in fact, "the most soulful white man in the world!" Hope you dig his story. And if you want to pre-order, or still like CDs, or want a CD signed, etc., there's more info here on the album, the full band, etc. More to come! Cheers, Peter

Tour Dates Announced!

Before we announce elsewhere, we wanted folks who have signed up with us and visit our site to know that we are doing our first tour this December. Albeit modest this first year, we expect it to grow. So, if you wind up digging our debut album, The Bell Ringer, which is releasing this Friday, hopefully we'll be in your neck of the woods this year and/or in the years ahead. For this year, here are the dates: December 18th, the Nampa Civic Center; basically in Boise, Idaho December 19th, the Jeanne Theater (at the Rose Wagner); Salt Lake City, Utah December 21st, the Aladdin Theater; Portland, Oregon December 22nd, The Moore Theater; Seattle, Washington More info will update on our tour page.

Track 8 Playthrough Video Courtesy of Morgan Wick

To our slowly growing set of videos we add this playthrough of Track 8 of our forthcoming debut, The Bell Ringer. This is entitled, "Solfeggietto / Pat a Pan," as it is a medley of those two tunes from C.P.E. Bach and La Monnoye respectively. Also, get ready for the killer snow animation Morgan whipped up for this one! Cheers, Peter

Our First Lyric Video: Jolly Old Wenceslas

We're proud to share our first video with you from our forthcoming debut, The Bell Ringer. This is the second track on the album, and is entitled, "Jolly Old Wenceslas." Hope you dig! Cheers, Peter

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