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Want to win a copy of our CD? It's easy, sign up for our newsletter, and you're entered. Multiple entries possible (one for each) of the following as well: follow us on Twitter, follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our Youtube channel, follow us on Spotify. We'll give it a few weeks. Send us an email with all the ways/places you've garnered an entry. And thanks for your support! Cheers!

CDs Are Here!

Our first shipment of CDs has arrived! It will take time to get these into all the regular stores and sites, like Amazon. So, if you're a CD person, and you want one now, head over here and purchase yours. This initial batch will be considered something of a first printing or limited edition. So, for those of you who are collectors, it may have some additional appeal. The CD cover is what you see above. CD itself has the same art. And while Christmas is upon us, the spirit of Christmas is worth having and sharing year-round. And at the heart of it, Symphony North's debut Father, Christmas is about that spirit of giving the best of yourself. So, in that way, we hope you'll listen to it all ye

Father, Christmas Now Available!

Peter Orullian and Symphony North are proud to announce that their demo record, Father, Christmas, is now available! Of course, you can purchase it right here on either in our Store or on our Music page. But we've also signed with a distribution service, which is currently listing the album with familiar music destinations like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. Most of these should be live in the next few days, so if you like getting your music from a particular provider, we should have you covered. We've also started the process of identifying labels who might be a good home for Symphony North. Longer term, we have multiple Christmas albums planned, telling multiple storie

Pre-orders Open
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