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Tour Dates Announced!

Before we announce elsewhere, we wanted folks who have signed up with us and visit our site to know that we are doing our first tour this December. Albeit modest this first year, we expect it to grow. So, if you wind up digging our debut album, The Bell Ringer, which is releasing this Friday, hopefully we'll be in your neck of the woods this year and/or in the years ahead.

For this year, here are the dates:

  • December 18th, the Nampa Civic Center; basically in Boise, Idaho

  • December 19th, the Jeanne Theater (at the Rose Wagner); Salt Lake City, Utah

  • December 21st, the Aladdin Theater; Portland, Oregon

  • December 22nd, The Moore Theater; Seattle, Washington

More info will update on our tour page.

And we'll start sharing more details here and through social and other channels soon!



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