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Tim Hockenberry Recording Symphony North Songs!

Hey there!

We're thrilled to share that Tim Hockenberry is singing on a couple Symphony North tracks from the forthcoming album, The Bell Ringer. Some will remember Tim from his time with multi-platinum selling Christmas rock bands. Others will remember him from his amazing run on America's Got Talent. Others still, will remember him for his hit song, "Christmas by the Bay." I'm always going to remember Tim for "The Monster"--I'll explain in a bit.

I reached out to Tim when we got rolling on vocal selections for the album. Tim has a singular voice. Very unique. And I had some songs I thought were perfect for him. His first email response to me was simply a phone number and a heart emoji, which told me quite a lot about the man. Then we got on the phone, and oh my ... so many stories we shared. We hit it off pretty quick.

Then he overwhelmed me with some kindness that I wasn't expecting. Such a great guy!

The short story for today is that he agreed on the spot to be on the album. I'm excited for folks to hear him sing these tunes, one of which we've affectionately begun to refer to as "The Monster." I particularly excited for folks to hear him on this one. It's not what you're expecting.

It's exciting to have Tim with us on some exciting developments, including the double CD of The Bell Ringer.

More updates coming soon.



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