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The Bell Ringer Novel -- Update


What could be better than a Christmas tree made of books? Well, how about if my full novel of The Bell Ringer gets picked up for publication. That would work for me.

Last week, my literary agent sent the full novel I wrote--a book which tells the deeper story of The Bell Ringer--out to 15 of the largest publishers in Manhattan. There's now way a traditional New York publisher would or could get a book out this holiday. It takes time to sell in a traditional book to the trade, e.g. Barnes & Noble. So, we'd be looking at next Christmas if one bites.

But, I'm still excited and optimistic. The novel, by its nature, is able to explore depths you can't reach in a few dozen songs of lyrics and connective poetry, much as I love these things.

Not everyone will want to read the deeper, fuller story. But its written and ready to go. And with any luck, perhaps sometime in the weeks ahead, as these publishers and their editors read my novel--during the holidays, no less--they'll be moved by the story and we'll land a deal to get the book out there.

I just wanted to share an update on where we're at, and my enthusiasm for this side of The Bell Ringer.

More news soon!



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