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Michael Lanning Doing New Tunes!

We're proud to announce that Michael Lanning, who recorded and toured with platinum-selling Christmas rock artists, has tracked vocals on a couple of new Symphony North tunes. Michael's got an amazing voice, filled with character and soul. And we couldn't be happier that he's joined us on The Bell Ringer.

The full double CD releases later this month, and will include the twelve original tunes, remastered, and with new voices on many, as well as twelve new songs. It's in this new set of twelve where we found the perfect match for Michael's voice.

As much as the music, though, I've gotten to know Michael, who's one of those passionate, funny, people you love to talk to. We've traded so many stories!

As a sneak peek, the song titles are: "Seeing More," and "Yes, Fairytales." Michael absolutely kills it on both songs.

If you're not aware, too, Michael has done a ton of other music. Visit his website at for more info. In my opinion, he's a national treasure.

More updates coming soon, so stay tuned!



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