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Val Vigoda Awesomeness!

So, one of the thrills of writing and recording The Bell Ringer is working with amazing musicians. When I went looking for a great violinist to retrack some of the original twelve songs, as well as lend some humanity and vitality to new tracks we're releasing this year, I got extremely lucky!

Enter: Val Vigoda!

As it happens, Val now lives in my home city of Seattle. In fact, her immanent move puts her rather close to me in terms of absolute distance. Would woulda thunk it!

So, what did I have to lose, I got in touch and told her about Symphony North and The Bell Ringer, and a few weeks later, BAM!, she's in the studio tracking with us.

I have to pause to tell you that Val is both an amazing person and an amazing musician. She overwhelmed me with her authenticity and thoughtfulness. And then she got out her instruments and put on the headphones and began to play.

From slowly rendered melodies to stuff that really dances, Val is the real deal. She looked down at the sheet music and sang off the riffs as if she'd known them her whole life.

I'm so grateful to have her as a part of The Bell Ringer!

And do yourself a favor, go look her up with a Google search and on Youtube. Her website is at: She has written so much great music, and is such a gifted player and performer ... well, you'll see.

I've got a video of her tracking a cool riff that I'll share soon.

More updates coming your way in the days and weeks ahead.



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