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Prepping for Double CD Release

Hey Folks,

So, I wanted to share some news. Last year we released a twelve-song demo. Those twelve represent half of the full concept album and story. If you're following along, you know this year we're finishing the second set of twelve songs, for a grand total of twenty-four. We're set to release the full concept album of The Bell Ringer, but will likely wait until next year.

Part of the process has been going back to the first twelve to remaster and make some changes. The most material change is that I'm replacing one of the female vocalists, and I'm replacing myself on three of the male vocal songs. I wanted the album to be character-driven, and I've got some amazing vocalists lined up to take over singing on four of the original twelve songs. We'll be making announcements about those vocalists in a few days. Many of them are people you know!

I mention it, because the current offerings in our store and elsewhere are the 2017 release. But as part of the 2019 release of all twenty-four songs, most of those original twelve are getting a makeover in one way or another.

More updates soon!


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