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Jody Ashworth & New Symphony North Tunes

Hey folks,

So, another exciting development. Jody Ashworth, accomplished actor and singer, who, among other things, recorded with platinum-selling Christmas rock bands, will be singing two songs on our upcoming release of The Bell Ringer.

Jody has an amazingly powerful voice. We got him on a tune where he can get into the Broadway belt of his. (It also happens to be my favorite new vocal tune from the album.)

I had some really great conversations with Jody about characterization and coloring the voice to help push the narrative forward in the song. Jody instantly understood what I meant and needed.

We're thrilled to have Jody be a part of some of the things we're doing here with Symphony North, and can't wait for folks to hear him on these songs. I think folks are going to love hearing him singing this Christmas-themed music.

Jody's the consummate professional, and a heck of a nice guy. Plus, talent fairly oozes out of him. We caught some for The Bell Ringer.

Stay tuned for more updates soon. And check back for release timing on The Bell Ringer, where you can hear these new Christmas songs with Jody doing the honors.



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