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The Bell Ringer Novel

The Bell Ringer Novel

Folks, Peter Orullian has just completed a full novel telling the much broader and deeper story of The Bell Ringer.

For those new to Symphony North and their debut CD, Orullian originally conceived multiple albums under an overarching umbrella entitled Father, Christmas. The first album is entitled The Bell Ringer.

In December of 2017, the first 12 songs of The Bell Ringer were released. This holiday will see 13 new songs to help complete telling the story of the bell ringer.

A two-disc release is planned with all 25 songs.

But even hearing all 25 songs this Christmas won't provide all the rich detail that can be plumbed and shared in a novel. Orullian has gone deep in the backstory of the characters. In fact, there are several characters in the novel not represented on the album--they'll make for good source material for later songs.

For those who don't know, Orullian is a published novelist with Tor Books out of New York City. He has a current fantasy series there--The Vault of Heaven. And he recently was selected to write the novel to go with progressive metal giant Dream Theater's bestselling concept album, The Astonishing.

The Bell Ringer novel has been sent to Orullian's agent, who will begin shopping it to New York publishers. It's unlikely the book could be out in time for Christmas 2018, but you never know.

The book represents a unique Christmas story. There's humor and even action, but what is most moving is the poignancy of the characters coming into each others lives and doing small, important things to help and lift one another.

We think fans are going to love it! And even those who don't know the band or even listen to this style of music will likely appreciate the goodness and decency of The Bell Ringer as he does his best, after a long life of challenges, to stand up on Christmas Eve for those who could use a hand.

The small section on this website that talks about the story will be updated soon, as it reflects only about 25% of the story. And as mentioned, while it won't be necessary to read the novel to enjoy the musical concept album of The Bell Ringer and follow the rich story it depicts across the 25 songs, if you're interested in the fuller story, it'll be coming as soon as the novel is published.

Keep checking back for updates on the availability of The Bell Ringer novel.

Merry Christmas!

Symphony North

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