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Orullian Writes Dream Theater's The Astonishing

There's a bit of news we wanted to share. Strictly speaking, it's not Symphony North news. So, how is it relevant? Well, Symphony North's debut CD Father, Christmas is symphonic/progressive metal/rock telling a story. Similarly, the band Dream Theater recently released a concept album that tells a story. Beyond that, composer, lyricist, and vocalist Peter Orullian of Symphony North wrote the novel for this album from Dream Theater, entitled: The Astonishing

If you don't know Dream Theater, they might just be the world's most successful progressive metal band. and John Petrucci, it's founder, guitarist, and one of it's central song writers, is widely recognized as one of his generations best guitar players. John wrote the core story for The Astonishing. But he asked Peter Orullian to expand the story, build out the world, and frankly do whatever he liked to make The Astonishing into a full-fledged novel. And that's what Peter's done.

The Astonishing novel is being released first as a Limited Edition, and may well be sold out. But Peter is looking to find a mass-publisher to release a less expensive version, including an audio book and ebook. However, if you want a sense of it, you can visit

Meanwhile, here's one of the reasons we share this bit of news. If you're a music fan who loves when your CD or album tells a story, we think it's relevant to share that Orullian has real story-telling chops. Beyond his own science fiction and fantasy novels from Tor Books--and a collection of Christmas stories (which you can learn more about on his website at is being asked by some of the top musicians in the industry to help them expand their own stories.

We think this bodes well for the novel of Father, Christmas, which Peter is currently writing.

Merry Christmas!

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