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Father, Christmas Now Available!

Peter Orullian singing a jam!

Peter Orullian and Symphony North are proud to announce that their demo record, Father, Christmas, is now available!

Of course, you can purchase it right here on either in our Store or on our Music page. But we've also signed with a distribution service, which is currently listing the album with familiar music destinations like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. Most of these should be live in the next few days, so if you like getting your music from a particular provider, we should have you covered.

We've also started the process of identifying labels who might be a good home for Symphony North. Longer term, we have multiple Christmas albums planned, telling multiple stories under the umbrella of Father, Christmas. Shorter term, we have our sights set on the double CD of the first story, which expands the twelve-song record releasing today to twenty-four songs. Ideally, we'll land a label partner who shares our vision for the multiple Christmas albums, and the initial double CD. That would give us the resources to take this initial release even further, and plan for holiday 2019 tour opportunities.

All that said, today's release is a complete tale consisting of twelve songs centered around the character affectionately known as the bell ringer. We've all met one. Maybe several. Selfless people doing a simple, critical job to benefit those who need help. Orullian, who wrote and produced Father, Christmas, has long wondered about the stories of these good people. With today's release, you get to experience his imagining of the life of one such bell ringer.

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