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Our debut album The Bell Ringer is now available.
Our debut album The Bell Ringer is now available.

The Bell Ringer is a Christmas rock album and show by the progressive rock band Symphony North. The music features powerful vocalists, accomplished guitar-work, and flashes of both rock and balladesque moments to deliver a powerful, narrative-driven experience. The Bell Ringer consists of 24 songs that return to poignant Christmas storytelling about selflessness and finding self-worth through helping others. It is an album and show that by turns thrills and inspires. The Bell Ringer features several amazing musicians: 


Former Trans-Siberian Orchestra members:

  • Tim Hockenberry

  • Valerie Vigoda

  • Jody Ashworth

  • Michael Lanning

And From Dream Theater:

  • James Labrie

  • Jordan Rudess

Physical and digital copies of The Bell Ringer available here, or most anywhere you prefer to get your music. A few links:

From it's many members, Symphony North has a wealth of experience: platinum-selling Christmas rock bands, Broadway, national Broadway tours, television, and more.

The Bell Ringer tells a Christmas story that hearkens back to the poignant kind of storytelling of tales like A Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, and Miracle on 34th Street.

Read the first part of the story here.

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