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Symphony North's debut release, The Bell Ringer, is set for October 11th. It's actually a double CD release, since there's close to two hours worth of music. And here's a secret: the CDs contain two songs not available from streaming services and download providers. We did this for fans and for folks who come to our shows. 


Whlie songs on The Bell Ringer can be listened to invidivually and out of order, if taken together in the order in which they appear, they tell a larger story about a destitute man who takes the only job available to him on Christmas Eve--ringing a bell to collect change for others--and who learns that his own difficult life has uniquely qualified him to be the one who can help those with whom he comes in contact on this Christmas Eve. Having searched a lifetime for "a place to be," our Bell Ringer learns a new kind of peace through a gained sense of self-worth.


Also note that a portion of album proceeds is being donated to the Toys for Tots Literacy Program, to help kids not only have a gift at Chritstmastime, but the skills to help build their own bright future.

The Bell Ringer - Physical CDs

  • Former members of Trans-Siberian Orchestra (each on multiple songs)


    • Jody Ashworth 
    • Michael Lanning 
    • Tim Hockenberry 
    • Valerie Vigoda 


    Members of Dream Theater (each on a song)


    • James Labrie
    • Jordan Rudess
    1. The Bell Ringer
    2. Jolly Old Wenceslas (Instrumental)
    3. Hope in a Coin
    4. If You Haven’t Got a Penny / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    5. Christmas Wishes (feat. Jordan Rudess)
    6. Street Kid (Coventry Carol) (Instrumental)
    7. Seeing More
    8. Solfeggietto / Pat a Pan (Instrumental)
    9. No Fairytales
    10. Yes, Fairytales
    11. Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming (Instrumental)
    12. Street Kid (Pt. II)
    13. One Order More (Instrumental)
    14. A Young Mother’s Wish
    15. A Young Girl’s Wish
    16. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Instrumental)
    17. What Child Is This
    18. I Wonder as I Wander / Hallelujah Chorus (Instrumental)
    19. Every Doubt Has an Answer (feat. James Labrie)
    20. Christmas Suite
    21. Winter Storm (Instrumental)
    22. Understanding
    23. My Silent Night
    24. Gift of Self
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