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What People Are Saying

We are humbled and overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of those who've heard our debut release, The Bell Ringer, whether in concert or by listening to the album. We wanted to honor that enthusiasm by sharing a few of the very kind words that fuel us to keep reaching for our dreams.



This is a beautiful work! Love every track! Wish there was a video story to go with it. Just hate us East Coast fans don’t get to see it live.

I will be purchasing the CD! My new favorite! Hopefully you will perform on the we East Coast in the near future.


Thank you for creating such a masterpiece. They will make great xmas gifts this year. But I’ll be saving 2 of them for myself!

This is one that will give you chills!


You have a fan for life.

My 4yr old granddaughter is loving your music.

And my word “If you haven't got a penny/God Rest ye Merry Gentleman,” “Yes, Fairytales,” “A young girl's wish” ... Magical. but seriously all in all the whole album is mindblowing good!

Merry Christmas to you all! Cannot even begin to tell you how much I am loving my new CD, The Bell Ringer!

Listening to it now. It's amazing!


A new Christmas staple for me


If you haven’t listened to this album you are doing your ears an injustice!


Absolutely brilliant


Please take this on tour; would love to hear it in a live setting.


Got my cd the other day; great material, great musicianship. This will be part of my Christmas playlist from now on. Been streaming it on Amazon. Love it!


And, for those who are waiting, it’s well worth the wait!! This is an amazing double cd!!


I speak only the truth!! It’s an amazing piece of work!!

Got the cd have been listening to it non stop awesome music I highly recommend if you don’t have it order it you won’t regret it


The whole album is amazing, but "Understanding" absolutely floored me... Hard to find words to describe how good this song is, and how meaningful it's already become to me. Thank you.


WARNING!!!! Unpaid product endorsement 😂😂 This is a great album! If you dont have it you’re missing out!


I love love love the CD. I cannot stop listening to it. Thanks so much for putting the wonderful talents of these guys out there for us to enjoy


Gives me chills!


Mesmerizing to the ears!

Music and story are awesome!!!!



The story had me in tears. So wonderful!

May 2020 be a blessing to everyone involved with Symphony North!! It’s an absolutely amazing project!! I hope you can make it East next year, or I’m coming West!!

We loved it, very well composed, so much talent on that stage. You all did a fantastic job. Great performance.

Happy New Year to all of you! Hope to see you on the East Coast in the not too distant future!

Your story made me cry. The good kind of cry. So right for the holidays. Thank you.

A fantastic evening of top notch music, and meeting anyone who worked with the late Warrel Dane was certainly a bonus. They're a great assembly of talent and I look forward to future music from them...UPWARD, ONWARD SYMPHONY NORTH !!!

Loved the show, thank you for sharing it with us!! We'll definitely be back!

My emotions were on the surface several times throughout the show, and then you sang the song “Understanding” and I lost it. That one made me cry.


We had an amazing time. Thank you! Everyone was so very talented and we loved the performance

Do you think this will be an annual tour that you guys do?

Thank you all for you for the Incredible shows!!!

Had a blast at the Nampa show. Look forward to next year.

Its always a good break up to watch the players and not the lights. The members make the stage shine all by themselves.🔥

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