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Challenge coins are fairly ubiquitous now. But if there was ever a relevant use--outside the miltary--for a coin associated with a story, we think The Bell Ringer is one of them. We will be minting just 100 of this first coin, to help make it a special token for our fans.


The front is our logo. The back is our album cover, with its invitation to give, phrased as "Be A Bellringer." 


We made these coins for fans, but also to be carried as a reminder to "Be A Bellringer," which means to be giving of yourself and all the beautifully unique qualities that are yours alone to the people you meet who need a helping hand. That could be physically, emotionally, or any number of ways. But the spirit of our album is the spirit of lending a hand to those who need to be lifted up. We hope carrying the coin can be a reminder of this very simple but very important message. 

Symphony North / Bell Ringer Limited Edition Coin

  • The product image currently is our production company's mockup. The final photo will be uploaded when we have it, and may look slightly different. But the coin is shiny brass in color, and the die stamp is as you see it in this production design.

    • The coin is 1.75 inches in diameter
    • Shiny brass
    • Die-stamped, front and back
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