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T h e  C o m p o s e r

T h e  C o m p o s e r

Peter Orullian: Composer, Lyricist, Producer

Peter Orullian formally launched Symphony North in 2017, but the seeds for it were planted long ago. 

By the time Orullian had graduated from high school, he'd started with his first serious band, and begun writing original fiction. He then graduated college with an Honors English degree, and soon thereafter relocated to the Pacific Northwest to train with famed vocal instructor David Kyle, "The Maestro," known for training such vocalists at Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Ann Wilson (Heart), and Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), among many others.

While training and performing in the Pacific Northwest area, Orullian landed a book contract with Tor Books in New York, and began an original scifi series, The Vault of Heaven. In parallel, his original band became the go-to act for many national acts touring through Seattle.

Earning attention for his clear powerful vocals, Orullian has often been asked to front international touring bands such as metal favorites Heir Apparent and Fifth Angel. 

And from the beginning, a driving constant in his life has been Christmas. Orullian's love and enthusiasm for the holiday season is genuine. He adores everything about it, from the tinsel to its most reverential aspects. His passion for Christmas nearly had him writing The Bell Ringer the year he graduated high school, before life took a different course.

With a steady diet of music--including rock, metal, Broadway, jazz, classical, big band, and more--Orullian finally brought his love of Christmas, good storytelling, and progressive music together to create Symphony North and its debut album, The Bell Ringer.

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