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What is #BeABellringer?


Simple. Share a story from your own life about a time when someone stepped in to help you by giving of themselves: perhaps they inspired you when you needed it most, mourned with you when you were grieving, stood with you when you needed a friend.


Your story needn’t be long. Take a short selfie video. Share a picture and the right words.


Tag it with #BeABellRinger, and please tag us, too: @symphonynorthband.


As a society and community, we need to hear these stories. Maybe now more than ever.


Deeper Context


At the very heart of The Bell Ringer story in our debut record is this idea: One person—no matter who they are or how storied their past—can make a difference in the life of another; in fact, often, it’s the hard times that have forged us into the exact right person to step in.


In our story, a destitute man spends a day ringing a bell. But more than simply collecting change, he gets involved in the lives of the people he meets, giving of himself.


So, we want to invite you to tell us the story of when someone stepped in … for you. Our thought for #BeABellRinger isn’t about ideology or money or any organization--we have no affiliations. It’s about paying it forward, recognizing someone who, in giving of themselves, made a real difference in your life. We think those are human stories worth sharing.


So, what are you waiting for? Get out your phone. Tell us a story. Tag it. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever suits you. A good story, just like a good person, inspires hope and good feelings. Let’s get some of that rolling!

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