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” [^1]: Manuscript received April 17, 2005; revised August 28, 2005. Ptolemy II Theos Ptolemy II Theos (; ) was a Ptolemaic king. He was the first son of Ptolemy I Soter and Arsinoe I, and ruled from 222 to 221 BC. He succeeded his elder brother, Ptolemy I Soter, after his death in 222 BC. He was the last of the ruling Ptolemaic dynasty until the death of the queen, Cleopatra I in 217 BC. His younger brother, Lysimachus, was king from 221 to 197 BC. Biography Ptolemy II was the first of two sons born to Ptolemy I Soter and Arsinoe I; the birth order was King and Queen. He was named after his paternal grandfather, Ptolemy, a "philhellene" who was a friend of the Roman statesman, Cicero. He and his elder brother, Ptolemy I Soter, were the only two members of the Ptolemaic family to assume the throne. Ptolemy II was not considered to be either the most eligible or the most apt of the two; the Alexandrians were unhappy that he was the younger son, even though he was a Ptolemy, and they had little desire for him to become their ruler. On the other hand, his elder brother was considered to be more capable, even though he was a much older child, due to his amiable nature. His mother and sister Arsinoe were the only ones who supported him, and he was later on accused of only being interested in his own self-interest. He was a cruel, greedy, and harsh ruler, particularly toward his subjects. He attempted to make life unbearable for the Jews in Alexandria by evicting them from their homes and areas that were near to his palace, and then sent them to the south to be isolated and isolated from other Egyptian populations. The Jews were later forced to move out of Egypt, and no Jews remained in Alexandria until 116 BC, when the Jewish state of Pompey came to the aid of the local Jewish community. Ptolemy II became king at a young age; Arsinoe, being the elder sister and Ptolemy II's aunt, was born to the Ptolemaic queen Berenice I of




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Germanischeheilkundetabellepdfdownload [2022]

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