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S Y M P H O N Y    N O R T H 



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"A Transcending Experience!"
- Dennis sparks, All things performing arts
"A Captivating fusion of old and new!"
- Front Row Reviewers
"A Powerful and Inspiring Experience!"
- Broadway World

"Go buy the bell ringer and
everything peter orullian is doing!" 

- Rock Titan radio

M U S I C  &  N E W S

Join us for the World Premiere of The Bell Ringer - the fully illustrated and narrated story. Check it out here!

Full Bell Ringer album band playthrough with interstitial narration of the story. Check it out here!

Just released: Full playthrough video of our debut double CD, The Bell Ringer. Check it out here!

New Video: Grammy-winning Dream Theater's James LaBrie, singing a poignant Christmas song: Every Doubt Has an Answer

New Video: Grammy-winning Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess featured in new video: Christmas Wishes

Former TSO member Michael Lanning singing a Christmas fight song: Yes, Fairytales

Former TSO member Jody Ashworth singing a powerful new Christmas song: If You Haven't Got a Penny / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Our debut album The Bell Ringer is out now. More info hereAnd if you buy the physical or digital CD with us, you get two bonus tracks!

Symphony North is supporting the Toys for Tots Literacy Program with every album sale and through our tours. Read more about it here.

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